Bhutan Tour

Tour in Bhutan is an exotic land of high mountains and lush valleys snow-capped peaks and clear running springs and a well preserved Himalayan Buddhist culture. Nature, culture, and the local exhibit so much peace and harmony that it reflects on the tourists and visitors too and it offers some most spectacular mountain views and experiences you will ever see. This country is also known as the land of remarkable natural beauty with a pristine and intact environment and a friendly, tradition-bound people. Being a neighboring country of Nepal where we offer private tours, group tours and even cross-country tours in Bhutan. It is the remaining part of the great Himalayan kingdom of yesteryear which is still endowed with mystery, culture, and traditions. This is a beautiful place to visit as it’s located along the river valley of two main rivers of Bhutan. We get an opportunity to know about the lifestyle, traditions, and culture of the Bhutanese people who are living here from years to years. The dramatic scenery, winding mountain passes, snow-capped peaks, fluttering prayer flags, and vibrant rhododendrons are the backdrop for a colorful culture steeped in religion and mythology. This is short and sweet for those wanting to see more of Bhutan within a short time.

Tour in Bhutan is a cultural extravaganza in two beautiful South-Asian nations and this cultural tour of Bhutan offers an insight into the rich cultural heritage, religious history, stunning landscapes and unique Bhutanese ways of life. Travel to Bhutan is still regulated through a policy of high-value tourism and to the door to this mythical Buddhist kingdom was opened only three decades ago. The Himalayan kingdom of this country is fast emerging from centuries of self-imposed isolated and it is perhaps the world’s most exclusive tourist destinations. The country was isolated from the rest of the world to preserve the rich natural environment and lively Buddhist cultures and lifestyles. It takes pride in providing a unique style of vacation, which focus on rejuvenation and minimalistic lifestyle. The deep-rooted Buddhist land will let you witness a lot of monks and there have disconnected yet a deeply connected lifestyle. This is the prime destination famous for photogenic landscapes, prime monasteries, majestic festivals, medieval-styled local setting, and unparalleled shopping experience and so on. After culture and the natural trip to Punakha where you will back to Paro and the country is sparsely populated with about only six hundred thousand people.