Tibet Tours

Tour in Tibet is the most classic tour that takes you to the most essential parts of the Tibet plateau. It is one of the most mystical and spirituals holy places on the earth. The main attractions of Tibet tour are Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, Mt Kailas, Manasarovar Lake, and many other beautiful places of this land. Centuries of isolations have lent the kingdom of Tibet a deep sense of spirituality and mysticism. This route gives you a glimpse of both the Tibet and Nepalese culture. We will see the rich culture and Majestic Mountain views of Tibet within a single day. This region is known for its uniqueness as the natural beauty is all about the nature bestowed beauty with the rich history and spiritual that is enough to captivate everyone’s mind and soul. Although Tibet has many more to offer to its visitor the visitor with lack of time are welcomed to Tibet. The tour is the exploration of the hidden kingdom which is situated on the roof of the world with an average elevation. This valley is deeply spiritual and ancient culture by bearing witness to monks raucously debating over Buddhism at the Sera monastery and meeting the nuns of Ani Tsankhung Nunnery.

Tour in Tibet is a perfect mix of culture and natural sightseeing in a magical land. With frequent departure dates, our featured Tibet small group tours cover all the essential of Tibet with small group size and non-shopping schedule. The holy city, featured in religious culture, has some of the most famous attractions in Tibet. It is appropriate to travel with a circle of relatives. This is a customized tour for any group of the size designed by the special way to cover the entire best places of Nepal and Tibet. Together your visit can glimpse awe-inspiring landscapes of a nomad and other various wonders of religious traditions. The sightseeing you can enjoy in Tibet range from old monasteries decorated with prayer flags having monks chanting this prayer, eternally beautiful bank of pristine crystal clear lakes. This tour takes you to the heartland of Tibetan plateau and if interested in ancient Tibetan history and culture then this is the trip for you. This is short and sweet for those wanting to see more of Tibet within a short time. The traditions Khams region Chamdo is located in the east rich land and boasts Karub Ruins of Neolithic Age, some monasteries, mountains, lakes, hot spring, and other natural wonders are the main feature of tourist.