Name: Everest Base Camp Trekking Blog

Everest Base Camp Trekking Blog

Everest Base Camp Trekking is a combination of enthralling mountain views and Buddhist culture on the high windswept valley of Khumbu. Walking through the several beautiful villages to till main dreaming place of the Everest region and Kalapathar sunrise viewpoint over world highest peak and you will take you through the wide area of stunning landscapes, ethnic settlements, year’s old Buddhist monasteries, and beautiful mountain views. Together with the beauty of the Himalayas, the trek is culturally enticing which makes it the trek of a lifetime for the trekker. It gives you thrills and memories that will last a lifetime and provides us with an opportunity to embark on an epic journey. This is one of those trips that make your holiday dreams come true. This base camp trek is superb full of the enjoyable and exciting moment from the beginning to an end on this marvelous adventurous journey which leads you into the heart of world highest mountain Mt Everest. The trail then drops through farmland and Sherpa villages. The scenery is simply breathtaking with parades of glistening peaks, stunning glacier around, ancient and ornate monasteries with the fascinating Sherpa people and their culture and traditions. The monastery is the largest Gompa in the Khumbu region in Nepal with a wonderful mountain view. We will get the chance to enjoy the hospitality and friendless of the Sherpa people along the way. The culture in this particular area of great notebook stuff and interacting with the local folks puts more zest into your adventurous journey as you plod through the Khumbu region of Nepal. All the treks offer spectacular scenery and the close-up view of the Himalaya. Most of the people in the vicinity are Sherpa’s and you will amaze you with the stunning views of the mountain.

Culture and traditions

There are different ethnic groups have their own development religion, music, and language. We will pass through several traditional villages providing an opportunity to learn the local culture and traditions. This is their heartland and their influences are being seen everywhere from the traditional dress to their distinctive houses and villages monasteries. If you prefer to experience the rich legendary of Sherpa people culture of the Khumbu, then you can do Nepali route. This route is also known as the Sherpa country and in this route, the main ethnic group that visitor will encounter in Everest region is Sherpa. Offering plenty of opportunities to experience the verities of the traditional aspect of culture and the local people, this trekking route overtakes several rural communities of the diverse ethnic group. As mentioned before, the locations of the routes determine the cultural highlights of the journey. The Sherpa cultures and most importantly it gives us a chance to create wonderful memories around the foothills of the highest Himalayas. You will also witness the Buddhist dance spectacle presented each year in the Khumbu region. They have their own ritual, costume, and festival and we can have a chance to get to know about Sherpa culture and traditions.

Season and climate

All the season is perfect for trekking in this route. It is important to understand the weather patterns of the region when planning your trek to ensure you get to the most out of your time spent in the area. Weather in the mountain is notoriously difficult to predict. You will have an opportunity to capture the stunning panorama of great Himalayan during both day and night. For trekking in this route, autumn and spring season is very much perfect because in autumn temperature is mediate with good visibility and favorable weather and in the spring the temperature is mediate and the environment is colorful because this season is also known as the season of the flower blooming everywhere in the country. And if you want to trek in the winter and monsoon then this season is also perfect but the scenery is not so clear because of fog and rain. And we prefer to carry you a raincoat in monsoon and winter clothes in winter.

Flora and fauna

The flora and fauna to be seen are quite diverse since the region ranges. The forest provides habitat to a least 118 species of birds, including Himalayan monal, blood pleasant, red-billed chough, and yellow-billed chough. The major birds that are found in this region are the peacock, jungle fowl, and black partridge. This base camp trek is known as the home of flora and fauna where we get any chance to see the varieties of the flora and fauna. You will find the dense stand of forest including pine and oak and the spectacular flowering rhododendron. The animals that are found here are adapted to living on less oxygen and cold temperature. The widely distributed animals in these regions are the wild bear, barking deer, Serow, Ghoral, and bears. There is a good chance of seeing wildlife; mostly birds are including the national birds of Nepal which is quite common around Namche Bazaar. It is also a habitat of many species of wild animals and birds, and wildflower which makes our journey memorable.


While traveling in this wonderful land, we get an opportunity to see the wonderful views of the mountain. Not only have the views of the mountain we also get the chance to see the small hot spring, monasteries, and small Sherpa villages. We get an opportunity to explore Tengboche monastery which is the largest and the most celebrated monastery in the Khumbu region. The journey around this region’s legendary mountains is enjoyable and difficulty. It lies in the remote Himalayan part of Nepal that’s why we don’t get any transportation and we have to complete our journey by walking. Everest region is suited in the eastern part of Nepal at the edge of Tibetan plateau. The trek has got several numbers of attractions, the unique culture of Sherpa of Khumbu region, and the wonderful views of the world highest mountain Mt Everest. This is a small piece of land in front of the north face of Mt Everest.